The tasting with

Olivier Poussier

Olivier Poussier is passionate about the world of wine. After 20 years of work and devotion, he was voted the Best Sommelier in the World in October 2000 in Montreal.

Olivier is knowledgeable, demanding, exciting and friendly, and he reveals himself in his choice of wines, beers and spirits... and pairing them with foods. He is a modern, smiling champion of world gastronomy and the pleasures of the table.

See his tasting notes for each of our wines.


Anjou Blanc 2010

Anjou Blanc - Chateau Soucherie"A beautiful pale yellow appearance with green highlights.
The nose is underlined by a subtle woodiness, and a malt and iodine side is revealed.
White fruits are perceived after allowing to breathe, and the fine mineral notes lead to a fullness. The palate shows itself both as powerful and firm. A full wine in its attack on the palate combined with a mineral tension. A bright and sharp final aftertaste rests in the pure tradition of wines from shale soils. A concentrated and digestible wine which will gain in
complexity over time."


Anjou Blanc Vieilles Vignes 2010

Anjou Blanc - Chateau Soucherie"The aromas of old vines white Anjou 2010 are not strong. A gentle oakyness gives the wine a milky side but without over dominating the fruit and with a iodine hint. The palate is elegant and thin. A silken-textured palate stands and balances on a wire. A beautiful acidity added to ripeness allows the mineral tension expression in the palate finish."


Savennières Clos des Perrières 2011

Savennières - Chateau Soucherie"A beautiful luminous dark rose appearance. The nose expresses itself as juicy red fruit, wedged between black cherry and raspberry. A great aromatic freshness animates
this wine with a blossoming palette that is delivered without restraint. The palate is full-bodied and smooth, a framework that reveals residual sugar well integrated in the balanced taste. The soil is present in the perception of the taste in the mouth, the tension that the shale soil brings to this notion of harmony. The red fruit completes the tasting in a fine and seductive manner. This wine would be a perfect companion for sweet and sour dishes and red-fruit dessert. To be served between 8° and 10°."


Savennières Clos des Perrières 2013

Savennières - Chateau Soucherie"The range of aromas seduces more by its depth than by its exuberance. The subtle nose develops hints of lemon verbena. The mineral and flint profile brings complexity. The finish is subtly woody without impacting the freshness. The mouth is generous and firm at the same time, the mineral bitters rival with the full-body all along the tasting. The mouth ends with a salty print, reinforcing the persistence of the wine. "


Rosé de Loire 2011

Cabernet d'Anjou - Chateau Soucherie"Rosé de Loire has a beautiful intense colour, a brilliant young dark pink. The aromas are fresh. It comes on a red fruit perfectly defined with hints of pomegranate and mara des bois strawberries. The palate reveals itself juicy with a refreshing fruit and an enjoyable texture. This rosé wine is for meals: it is tasty without being vinous and imposes its density and its volume of palate. The whole is refreshing and takes full advantage of the balance of Loire wines. "


Rouge Carmen 2012

Rouge Carmen - Chateau Soucherie"A dark ruby appearance with a juicy palette, fruity and spicy on a graphite and spicy finish. A rather greedy definition, red fruit, black cherry. The juice in the mouth is toned with a beautiful vivacity and freshness. Moderate strength, a palatable and digestible, an average persistence for this thirst-quenching wine."


Anjou Rouge 2011

Anjou Rouge - Chateau Soucherie"A beautiful intense purple colour. The nose expresses nice ripeness while retaining the graphite expression of a shale soil. The complexity comes from hints of blackcurrant, menthol and licorice. The whole is thus consistent with a Loire identity apparent in this mineral definition. The palate is open and digestible. It is defined by a full-bodied and sappy structure without excess alcohol. The whole is pleasant and cool by the quality of the fruit; the tannins provide a good persistent length. The tannins, while slightly prominent, are well integrated into the whole. "


Anjou Villages Champ aux Loups 2010

Anjou Village - Chateau Soucherie"A beautifully intense dark ruby colour. The nose is a bright juicy fruit, highlighted by a subtle oak. The definition is more complex with notes of wild berries and of spice brought about by ageing. A touch of Zan, liquorice and balsamic completes the aromatic phase. The palate is ample and firm, the wine full, the material is concentrated, the touch of tannin is still prominent but it is of noble quality.
The palate shows promise and has yet to fully open. "


Coteaux du Layon Chaume 1er Cru 2014

Chaume - Chateau Soucherie"A beautiful straw yellow colour. A nice range of aromas dominated by hints of quince and baked apple. The whole is ripe without heaviness. The mouth is generous, smooth but balanced. A great sharp freshness comes to handle the sugars. This allows to reveal a digest and harmonious wine ; not an easy task for this type of wine. The finish in mouth seduces by its Victoria pineapple flavours. "


Coteaux du Layon 2013

Coteaux du Layon - Chateau Soucherie"A beautiful yellow colour, bright shiny gold. The nose is elegant and fine. White fruits as juicy pear and apples. The ripeness level express more over-riped identity at the harvest than by botrytis. The noze is gently candied without any heaviness. The palate shows the same balance. Perfect control of sweetness and the nice liquor reveals a sweet wine.
Balanced without too much sweetness. A perfect sweet wine for dinner."


Coteaux du Layon 2014

Coteaux du Layon - Chateau Soucherie"Nice bright golden yellow colour with hints of apple, rhubarb and well-ripe comice pear. The whole underlines the oak that gives it a milky, toffee profile. The wine isn’t dominated by its botrytis character. The mouth, full and smooth, expresses the perfect integration of sweetness and balance. In the finish, the acidity balances the sweetness: the whole is digest and harmonious."


Coteaux du Layon Vieilles Vignes 2014

Coteaux du Layon - Chateau Soucherie"Intense golden yellow colour. The nose expresses a nice ripeness with a botrytis character supported on hints of baked apples, quinces and ripe yellow fruits like the Victoria pineapple. A candied profile and richness worthy of a beautiful ripeness. The attack in mouth is full, rich and reveals the structure of a generous dessert wine.  The concentration is important but the balance is respected: the acidity is opposed to the sweetness, which offers a very beautiful harmony."


Olivier Poussier - Best Sommelier in the World 2000